Sound can change your life…

Welcome to the website of Sophie Harvey, Sound Therapist and Group Sound Facilitator. I work with a combination of voice, instruments and reflection to help people transform their lives.

Sound therapy is a holistic medicine which means that it works on many levels at once – physical; emotional; mental and spiritual. It is non-invasive and yet can work at a very deep level because it is all-encompassing, which can make it very effective for working with any issue.

I offer tailor-made private treatments choosing from my toolkit of therapeutic instruments including Himalayan singing bowls, gongs, drums, crystal singing bowls, voice and percussion. I also run a range of therapeutic sound workshops including soundbaths, soundscapes, drum circles and voice workshops for different community groups in the Sussex and Surrey areas.

I have been working with therapeutic sound for seven years and have been teaching for the past three years at the British Academy of Sound Therapy where I did my training. The British Academy of Sound Therapy is recognised as one of the world’s highest quality providers of sound therapy training. I am proud to hold the position of Senior Tutor there.

This website is currently under construction, so for more information about what sound therapy can do for you, including treatment booking details and news of upcoming sound therapy events, please contact me.

I am looking forward to sharing my love of therapeutic sound with you.